Fable is driven by a single vision, that of creating products that are as pleasant as they are ethical.

We do not wish to contribute to the cycle of single-use products.

Rather, we want to bring a sense of excitement and joy into everyday moments, beyond "special occasions".

That's why we only work with quality materials and conscious processes that preserve our planet. Our designs, traditional craftsmanship and transparent pricing are our way of celebrating the traditions you create in your home.

We design responsibly.

We intentionally design our pieces to transcend passing trends. We believe in items that last - not only physically, but also aesthetically - and we design products that are as timeless as they are stylish.

Our collections are all well thought out, with colors and styles that complement each other and fit perfectly into the atmosphere of your home. With proper maintenance, our products will last for years.

We manufacture sustainably.

We are committed to becoming a zero waste company, which is why we only partner with manufacturers that put the earth first, using eco-certified woods and eco-friendly packaging.

We respect people's investments by creating products that last longer through processes that benefit everyone. By partnering with designers who share our commitment to exceptional craftsmanship, quality materials and ethical use, we avoid wasteful production practices, allowing you to feel valued by your purchase.

Each purchase allows us to participate in reforestation by replanting a tree thanks to Planète Urgence. We wouldn't want it any other way.

  • People

    We celebrate memories of joy shared over a good meal and in good company. Fable's mission is to bring you more of those moments through superior quality products. Whether it's hosting your friends for a night out or just having a good time at home, Fable products can be part of everyone's story.

  • Places

    Fable draws inspiration from various styles and regions around the world, where we continue to grow and draw inspiration from. We find joy in the origins of regional craftsmanship, the diverse landscapes and the stories they hold. The most beautiful colors of nature live through our pieces and the emotions they evoke.

  • Give Back

    Knowing that forests and their biodiversity are in danger, we work with our partners from Planète Urgence. For each purchase on the Fable site, a tree is directly planted in areas threatened by deforestation. We believe that everyone can contribute to improving our planet.

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